Three Fixes that helped me when windows failed to Install an update

I think that it happen to me at least once in each computer I own or worked on: While running Windows (or Microsoft) update I get an error claiming that the update could not be installed. This used to be a source of frustration for me. I needed to Google around and try solutions and tips from the Internet - some would work and some not. Over the time I have found three solution that helped me fixed this annoying problem.

1. Add Windows Update to your trusted sites

This used to solve the problem in the past. What you need to do is add Windows update to the trusted sties.

This can be easily done by opening IE and going to Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites -> Add this Web site to the zone:

Uncheck "Require server verification" checkbox and add:



2. Install Service Pack 3

Download manually from after installing service pack 3 - the problem should be solved.

3. Re-installing Windows Update Agent (WUA)

This worked for me once.

  1. Download WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe or WindowsUpdateAgent20-x64.exe.
  2. Run the command "WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe /wuforce"
  3. Go to windows update site and try to update your computer.


I know that all of those tips can be found on the Internet but I wanted to have a single reference to what works for me. If you have other solution please feel free to post it in the comments.