If you're using StackOverflow Notifier - Read this!

This morning my client has stopped working on my computer. After checking the usual suspects (network connection, proxy server etc.) I discovered that only www.stackoverflow.com blocks my web requests.

After a quick search on the Internet I found the following post on StackOverflow blog:

We’ve noticed there are a number of users running a script that retrieves their uncompressed user page multiple times per second, producing an absurd amount of network traffic. Fortunately, we do cache the user page if the requests come in anonymously, so the database load was not significant.

However, this behavior is irresponsible and unacceptable, so we will permanently ban any IP we see doing this. We’ve already banned about a dozen IPs for this, and we will continue to do so. If you persist, your account will be permanently deleted. We might even lay down long term IP block bans if necessary.

We would prefer that you use our RSS feeds, or lobby us to improve our RSS feeds, rather than scrape Stack Overflow so aggressively.

Right now I'm trying to find what can I do so that SO NOtifier would work without violating the site's rules.  I have removed the SO Notifier download for the meantime and in case you're still using my application please stop until I'll sort it out with the site's administrators.


Hopefully this issue will be resolved quickly

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