MSDN Magazine October 2008 - Features Parallelism

In case you haven't noticed yet the new issue of MSDN magazine is available online. This issue focuses on multi-threading and parallel programming and has very interesting articles on that topic.

The content is great - especially for developers that are interested in learning how to make the switch from sequential to parallel (multi threaded) programming.

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Paradigm Shift: Design Considerations For Parallel Programming

Coding Tools: Improved Support For Parallelism In The Next Version Of Visual Studio

Concurrency Hazards: Solving 11 Likely Problems In Your Multithreaded Code

Easy Async: Build Concurrent Apps From Simple F# Expressions

Windows With C++: Exploring High-Performance Algorithms

I believe that those articles are a must due to the fact that today every low end home PC has multiple cores.

So go and learn how to think in parallel - as always the articles are well written and easy to understand.