#Develop – The open source .NET IDE

Every .NET developer I know use Visual Studio at his work to develop applications. But what IDE can a software developer developing his own a hobby/open source project use?

I use #Develop for most of my hobby projects (although from time to time I use VS Express as well).image

In case you’re wondering what #Develop is all about – it’s a free open source IDE for developing .NET applications using C#, VB & BOO.


#Develop has everything you’d expect from a .NET IDE: code completion,  debugger, syntax highlight, class diagram (like the one VS has) , form designer, XML editor etc.

It has additional  features that I miss in VS such as XML Doc preview and Code conversion (VB <—> C#).

Integration with several known tools:


But it doesn’t end there – You can also use it to write F# and Iron Python code as well!


A truly amazing product for the hobbyist developer.

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