One of my posts was linked from Stackoverflow

As you might know I'm currently working at Typemock. Since I've started working there I have the feeling that software developers do not fully understand Test Driven Development and those who do have a hard time understanding why they should use mocking/faking framework.

Beginner developers when deciding to learn how to use unit tests as part of their development have a hard time finding entry level tutorials that have a section about using mock objects and most tutorials that show how to use mock objects assume that the reader already know what they are and why to use them.

So I decided I needed to write a simple easy to understand tutorial that would explain how a software developer can start using TDD (with mocks). I published a post titled : Starting Test Driven Development using Typemock Isolator - Part 1 on Typemock's Blog with hopes it would help beginners in the TDD world.

Today one of my co-workers have sent me a link to a page in Stackoverflow  - How to Getting Started With Mocking And TDD where the post I wrote is offered by someone I never met as a resource for TDD beginners - and it made my day :)


That is exactly one of the reasons I've started blogging - I wanted to help fellow developers learn new technologies and methodologies.

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