Presentation from .NET Software Architects User Group

Yesterday I co-delivered a lecture about Unit testing titled "How to benefit from unit testing in the real world" at the monthly gathering of the .NET Software Architects User Group.


I'd like to thank Doron that presented the 2nd part of our lecture and give thank to an esteemed member of our development team - the build bunny.

We had a good turnout (50+ people) that came to hear about TDD and Unit Testing.

The presentation went well with only one notable incident (the movie we had didn't show well).

Both myself and Doron enjoyed ourselves immensely. We had fun talking with the listeners and we even managed to learn a bit from the audience.


If you're interested in Unit testing, TDD and how your development process can benefit from using agile methodologies have a look:


In the presentation I used information about TDD effectiveness I found at MS Research.

The research paper can be found at:

Microsoft Research: Realizing quality improvement through test driven development: results and experiences of four industrial teams

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