Where are all the VB.NET blogs – an update

In my last post Where are all the VB.NET blogs? I commented that it seems like the amount of VB.NET specific information on the web has dwindled since the .NET 1.x days. Well it seems that at least the number of VB.NET developers has not.

A friend has sent me a link to a post: My analysis of the recent Visual Basic Survey + an extra graph :-) that was written by Arik Nelson - a VB.NET blogger!

He has done a survey on usage of VB6 & VB.NET in the UK and has some interesting results – it seems that there are still many VB6 developers out there and they are here to stay :)

Under the section VB & C# he states that although C# is more popular VB.NET is widely used in the UK and is the preferred language of developers with previous VB6 experience (surprise).

Having said that I still feel that there is a shortage of VB.NET information on the web – most blogs I see are C# centric and so are most of the coding examples I find when I look for new information.


[Thanks lpe - for suggesting Google trends]


The only question is: do I look only in the wrong places or why all those VB.NET developers aren’t posting information for the VB community.

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