What should I use MVC or WebForms

I have been outside of the whole website creation in .NET scene for too long.

Although I never stopped learning about web related technologies in the last year I focused mainly on desktop applications at my work and at home. The latest developments of the .NET world made me decide that perhaps it is the time to take action and have some hands-on experience in creating websites.

What I usually do when I want to understand/learn a technology is decide on a project and use the new technology to code it.

The only problem remaining was what should I choose to write my learning project with - WebForms or MVC?

Then I read To MVC or to WebForms? 

I’ve followed the links from the post through the whole argument whether or not to use MVC and looked at the pro and cons of each (by Gil Fink).

And I’ve decided – I’m going to learn MVC!


Any comments?