SharpDevelop 3.1 Beta released – with some IronPython goodness

When I’ve started learning IronPython I choose #Develop as my IDE. Because it had IronPython intellisense and debugging support it seemed like a good fit for my simple project. When my project needed basic UI I rolled up my sleeves and wrote a winform control line by line. It seems that the good people of #Develop had heard my cries of pain and decided to improve IronPython support of their product.

The newest version (Beta) release today comes with an IronPython winform editor – like the one I’m used to from C#/VB (and even managed C++). It’s still has a few glitches but hopefully by the time the final version (3.1) will be released all of the little bugs will be fixed.

image image

I use from #Develop to convert C# files to (and back again) now #Develop conversion tool can convert C#/VB to IronPython as well. #Develop can convert single file or whole projects to IronPython, I know I will use it to learn how code I know C# looks in IronPython.

image image

As for non IronPythons tools – #Develop now has a new profiler tool as well!


Although the release is a beta version if you’re into IronPython I urge you to download it and give it a try.