What to do when DebugBreak won’t let me debug on windows7/Vista

A curious problem that I had today at work:

I’m working on a component that suppose to run as another “service”. Because of the environment limitations I could not  just debug using visual studio (F5) and had to set my debug points manually using __debugbreak.

I recently installed Windows 7 and so far I enjoy using it until today instead of showing the usual dialog that asks if I want to Debug the program I got a message telling me that the application has stopped responding.

No matter what I did I could not cause window to show me the correct dialog. Searching the web proved to be futile and didn’t help me to solve the problem.

Then it hit me, perhaps this is one of these times that windows is trying to be extra helpful.

I’ve opened the action center choose “change action center settings”


From There I went to problem reporting setting


Looks exactly like what I was looking for – just choose the correct option and…


It works!!!


And after that I was able to debug my application.

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