How to use a printer from windows7 when you don’t have the needed device driver

At office we have a Xerox printer that don’t have a driver for windows7 (yet?), but I still manage to print from it without any hassle. How – simply by using the incredible XP Mode.

The bane of the last two windows OS (Vista and Win7) was lack of driver support, although win7 has better support you can still find several vendors that still don’t have drivers for their products especially for the 64bit OS version.

Luckily the new Virtual PC/XP Mode supports external devices and setting a new hardware is as easy as it was on windows XP.

  1. Download and install the newest versions (RC) of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.
  2. Start the newly installed virtual XP and add a new printer. You might need to change the computer domain to your work domain as well.
  3. Print whatever you need.


Now I don’t need to wait till Xerox release a Win7/64bit driver for my OS.