Software News – October 2009

It’s that time in the month when I shed a light on cool tools releases that every (.NET) developer should know about.

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

The new Visual Studio is one step closer to it’s release. Today MSDN subscribers (yours truly among them) can download the latest release of the upcoming 2010 version and it’s amazing, if you do not have MSDN subscription don’t worry Microsoft will release this version to the whole world to see soon.


It has (almost) everything that a software developer needs - performance profiling, threading and concurrency profiling, historical debugger (called IntelliTrace), the much requested performance improvements are finally implemented and don’t forget about the new extensibility via MEF - although it seems that the old extensibility model (DTE) is here to stay (at least for a while).

If you want more details - John Robbins has written a series of posts on his blog showing all of the new cool features of VS2010.

I plan to try it out soon and find if they finally fixed that annoying delay whenever I accidentally try to “add reference”.

ReSharper 5 nightly build go public

R# 5 brings some additional productivity boost to the .NET developer in the form of  the following new features such as structured patterns, project refactorings, call and value Tracking, Visual Studio 2010 support (almost done), ASP.NET markup and ASP.NET MVC support, intellisense improvements, bookmarks and much more.

If you want to try the new version or if you do not have R# license and want to see what it’s all about you can download the nightly build and try for yourself – I know I would.

Typemock Intellitest

I work at Typemock and I’m damn proud about it, I usually don’t write about new Typemock product releases in my blog (I use Typemock Insider blog for that) but this time I just can’t help myself – because we have a little surprise as part of the new Isolator (5.4.2) - a new add-in called Intellitest.


We’ve decided to make writing unit testing easier and Intellitest is the first step in that direction. 

If you want to learn more read the release notes or go directly to the Intellitest web page.

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