Seesmic look – the twitter client for your mom

I use twitter quite a lot and I’m always on the lookup for a new way to read it’s almost endless stream of data. Today I’ve found a new and interesting client from the people who brought the first window native twitter client – Seesmic.

Seesmic look takes a new approach to showing twitter and it’s intended for users who do not use twitter and would likely be intimidated by the amount of twits and – in fact hey aiming on introducing twitter to less technology swavvy crowd:

It's not just for your typical Seesmic user with an online presence, but something you may want to introduce to your non-Twitter friends or family. Go ahead and show it to them and see what they say. With Look, we hope you're able to show them and better explain what Twitter is all about - even train them about social media.

It is also a great example of what can be done using WPF:




Have a go – download it here and try and introduce twitter to your friends and family