Two (and a half) development links from the past

There are quite a few link blogs out there, like Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew, The Morning Brew and Tech Tweets. These sites help to stay on the bleeding edge by providing new links daily.

Perhaps I’m getting nostalgic because of the new year, instead of posting links from the last week I’d like to post two links from the past:

Two links

We will not ship shit (Robert C. Martin) – a blast from 2003 that is still relevant today and would probably be relevant as long as software is being written. This article explains how we sometime fail to produce a quality software while blindly following rules. He talks about how the rules of our trade can be broken as long as we are responsible to provide value and create high quality product.

If you have a team member (or manager) who insist of doing something just because it’s “best practice” or because the team is committed to follow XYZ methodology. Ask him if it help provide value to the product and let him read this article.

50 in 50 (Richard P. Gabriel and Guy L. Steele) – One of the funniest session I ever seen from the JAOO 2008 convention. This is a brief overview of 50 years of computer science and programming languages – especially the weird and less known languages such as Ook! and Shakespeare.

As well as being hilarious this presentation is also a good resource of the history of computer programming.

And a half

Eternal Flame is used in the 50 in 50 presentation, just to remind us what programming is all about ;)

I was taught assembler
in my second year of school.
It's kinda like construction work —
with a toothpick for a tool.
So when I made my senior year,
I threw my code away,
And learned the way to program
that I still prefer today.


Happy new year