Survival Skills for Developers

I’ve talked about this post during the recording of the latest This Week In Testing episode (soon to be available). It is well written post by the blog owner - Derek Hatchar that explains his take of the skill a developer need to have in order to survive in this highly competitive work – read it here.

I feel that I didn’t give enough credit during the webcast to the post – this is a good list and I guess that every software developer (or manager) has a similar list that he (or she) thinks are essential in order to “stay relevant”.

What I did not like in the list is the fact that it seemed to be mostly (but not only) technology based – I don’t think that every developer out there must know how to print or send email with his language of choice.

During the webcast Doron has asked me about my list of development skills needed and it took me more time to answer then it should have, it should have been an easy task – name the skills make one developer better at his work then others – I’ve though of the subject quite a bit and the list below is my take on the survival skills for developers:

Juggling metaphor by backpackphotography.

That’s my list of essential skills – what is yours?