How to run IronPython code from C#

I’ve just got back from a joint session with Shay at the local .NET user group, I’ve presented IronPython after an excellent IronRuby session done by Shay.

One example I didn’t have the time to show was how to run IronPython script from within C# code. After the session I was asked by a group member to show this exact demo. So without further ado here is how to run IronPython from within the comfort of your C# application:

Step 1: Add references

Add the following assemblies to your project:

All of the assemblies above are can be found under the IronPython installation folder.

Step 2: write code

Running IronPython is very easy – I’ve decided to create a console application and run an IronPython file that was passed as an argument:

using IronPython.Hosting;
using Microsoft.Scripting.Hosting;

namespace IronPythonFileRunner
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
ScriptRuntimeSetup setup = Python.CreateRuntimeSetup(null);
ScriptRuntime runtime = new ScriptRuntime(setup);
ScriptEngine engine = Python.GetEngine(runtime);

ScriptSource source = engine.CreateScriptSourceFromFile(args[0]);
ScriptScope scope = engine.CreateScope();

You can use the same code to embed IronPython by replacing engine.CreateScriptSourceFromFile with engine.CreateScriptSourceFromString.

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