Two podcasts about unit testing

I listen to podcasts all of the time, I don’t listen to them in any specific order - I just download the new podcasts and choose one in random. From time to time it looks as if I have some pattern in my listening preferences but it’s purely coincidental.

Last week without intending to I found myself hearing two podcasts about unit testing (more or less).

Talking Shop Down Under: Episode 26 - NSubstitute

In case you haven’t heard this podcast before you probably should. In episode 26 they talk with Anthony Egerton and Anonymous Dave about NSubstitute – a new Mocking (Isolation) framework. As you might have expected NSubstitute is the topic of the podcast but they also talk about fake objects and unit testing in .NET.

NSubstitute is an Isolation framework similar to Moq and Rhino.Mocks it has a AAA (Arrange Act Assert) API and it doesn’t have the distinction between mocks and stubs (finally someone has seen the light). If you’re interested in more information have a look Mocking Comparison in Richard Banks blog.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 167: The History of JUnit and the Future of Testing with Kent Beck

I’ve been listening to SE-Radio for a few years now and it’s one of my favorites. This interview with Kent Beck is one of their best shows yet – bring the guy responsible for TDD and Extreme programming, put a microphone in front of him and you can’t go wrong.

Kent talks about Agile, unit testing, JUnit and the state of software development. If you’re a software developer and you take your work seriously – you must hear this podcast.

One last thing

A while ago Kent Beck visited Typemock and recorded an episode of Typemock TV – if you want check it out if you want to learn more from the guy that helped change the art of software developer.

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