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Friday, March 01, 2013

I finally hit critical mass!

I got a request from one of the project managers (not my project) to do a quick “introduction to Scrum” session.

It took quite a while – more than two years (and a downsizing) in order for other teams to notice that we have a different way to do things.

I did a very successful session – mainly because the audience “felt the pain”; it was fun explaining about Scrum with examples on how they can utilize it the very next day.

Since I’m not in daily contact with that team – I had no idea how well they implemented Scrum. Until yesterday when I walked on a meeting that had a task board on a big screen – so I guess it went well.

When I was first asked to do this session I wanted to create a simple and short presentation that can be re-used – And here it is:


It’s simple and short so I use it as a “background” for a discussion on how they are going to use Scrum in their work – today.


I guess I’m doing something right since I have another session next week!


And if you have an agile success story – please share…

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  1. That's a nice presentation. Quick and do the point -- I like it.


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