Visual Studio 2014 CTP - first impressions

I’ve installed the latest VS2014 CTP3 on my aging I3 home machine – because why use a VM when I can always re-install windows.
And so far I’m impressed! this is a low end I3/4GB machine and it loaded fast and works without any noticeable performance issues – I might be mistaken but it seems the performance is so much better then previous versions.
I’ve stated by creating a new project and when I’ve tried to rename Class1 to the less generic MyClass I was surprised to see a new dialog opening up – it’s no Resharper but looks like VS refactoring is heading in the right direction:
Also – preview changes – just in case you want to check what exactly a “trivial” rename has in store for you:
Just to make sure I’ve checked the “Refactor” menu (what do you mean – what refactor menu???) and it has the same options we has in VS2013 but I did find two new options available – Quick fixes (whatever that is) and Organize Usings which I miss whenever I’m forced to use “plain vanilla” VS.
It’s not much but I can only speculate that with Roslyn inside we’ll see a many more Refactorings options (and inspections) real fast real soon - both by Microsoft and the “Community”.
After tinkering with the IDE for a while I was ready to try some cool C# 6 features.
I’ve added a Primary Constructor since I wanted to try the new Read-Only Properties feature when VS politely informed me that the feature is only available in “experimental” language version.
By the way – notice how much information I got just by hovering over the code – and it got to me as fast as my cursor moved.
After a quick trip to Google and back I found that in order to use the new C# 6 features all I need to do is update the project file (.csproj).
And so I’ve opened the project file using XML editor and added the required magic:
And the error went away –  and I got to compile this:
How cool is this – I have a Primary Constructor (after the class) and I can use the values passed to initialize fields and properties – read-only  properties!

So far it seems that the old(er) VS2013 on my machine was not affected and it’s still working just like before the installation – but I haven't done extensive development on this machine (because it’s slow) and so I won’t install it on my main machine (yet).

But so far so good…

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