4 programming books available online - for free

Software development books don’t come cheap and it’s fine. The author has spent countless hours and sleepless nights transferring his/her knowledge and should be compensated for it.
But some authors have decided to provide an online version of their book and in some cases even a free e-book you can download.
I found the book in the list below extremely useful and since I read them for free (legally free) I wanted to give something back in the form of a recommendation – so that both the author and and you might benefit from these good books.


Threading in C#

This is the only entry which is not a standalone book - It’s actually two chapters from C# in 4.0/5.0 in a nutshell book.
I’ve used (and still using) this book extensively both for learning new threading topics and as a reference. I found it to be easy to read and understand as well as extensive without being overwhelming.
It’s a must book for C# developers who need to write multi-threaded/task based/async code – which is about every C# developer out there.
Availability: Online, PDF

Introduction to Rx

Although not the newest book on the subject this book is still relevant. This book guide you step by step on the path of using Reactive Extensions (Rx).
For only a few dollars (or less) you can purchase a kindle edition of this book.
Availability: Online

Dive into Python

I’ve read this book when I’ve decided to learn IronPython a few years ago.
This book teaches by example - each chapter begins with a code example that shows an example of the chapter’s topic that is explained throughout  the chapter.
Availability: Online, PDF, Word and more.

Pro Git

If you never used a distributed source control before (you are using source control – right?) this is a good book to learn from.
It takes you step by step, not only explaining the various Git commands but also the concepts and overall picture of using a distributed system.
After reading a few chapters not only you’ll be able to set up Git and use it successfully but also gain a better understanding on why Git works this way and how to utilize it to benefit your project.
Availability: Online

That’s it for now - now go do some reading…

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