Agile practitioners conference 5Whys challenge

If you’ve been following my on Twitter (or read this blog) you might know I’m part of the organizing committee of the upcoming Agile Practitioners conference.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve asked each speaker to answer five simple questions (a.k.a 5Whys) and got some interesting results:
Reading these made we want to write my own answers (technically I had to since I’ll be speaking at the conference as well) and as a reader of this blog you get to read them before everybody else.

Why should people come to the conference?

It is a great opportunity to meet other professionals who are passionate about being agile and want to learn more. In the past I had interesting conversations with conference attendees and learnt quite a lot.

Why should people come to my session?

To learn about TDD :)
If you want to add another great design methodology to your tool belt - this is the session you need to hear.
It doesn't matter if you tried TDD in the past or just beginning with unit testing.

Why did I choose the topic?

There have been quite a lot of misunderstanding in this field and although it seems as if TDD exist since the beginning of time it is still misunderstood and misused.
I hate to see software developers avoid this practice due to bad experience and lack of understanding of how it works and so I've decided to create a session that shows TDD with a "real" application - not just a trivial example.

Why I think you should go to “Agile from the executive floor – defining agility in business termsby Yuval Yeret?

I've been a software developer for a long time. Having to explain to "top brass" how a proposed change would benefit the organization become part of my job and so I want to hear Yuval's experience and incites on the topic.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

There is no chicken...
Chickens at the Kings Arms in Wing, Rutl by Jez B, on Flickr
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