New Speaking engagement - DevWeek 2015

Now that I’m back from NDC London I have a chance to plan my upcoming speaking engagements – and it’s going to be a few busy months.
I’ve already blogged about my plans  for the next few months but since then I found out that I’ll be coming back to London (always a pleasure) in March for DevWeek.
The agenda looks amazing, good speakers and good talks and I’m happy to have three sessions – one for each day:

Navigating the TDD alphabet soup

TDD, BDD, ATDD are all methodologies that enable incremental design that is suitable for Agile environments. It seems that every day a new xDD methodology is born with the promise to be better than what came before. Should you use behavior-driven tests or plain old unit tests? Which methodology is better? And how exactly would it benefit the development life cycle?
In this session, we’ll sort out the various methodologies – explaining where they came from, the tools they use, and discussing how and when to use each one. Here we will once and for all answer the question as to whether or not there’s one “DD” to rule them all.

Battle of the .NET mocking frameworks

Writing unit tests is hard, isn’t it? You need an entire set of tools just to start. One of the crucial decisions when building this set is picking up a mocking framework. But BEWARE! What you choose has the ability to make you or break you! In this session, This talk will cover the capabilities and functionality of the leading frameworks, showing the good and the bad of the different options (both free and commercial), and making them battle to the death!

Unit testing patterns for concurrent code

Getting started with unit testing is not hard, the only problem is that most programs are more than a simple calculator with two parameters and a return value that is easy to verify. Writing unit tests for multi-threaded code is harder still. In this session, I will demonstrate useful patterns that he has discovered over the years, and that have helped him to test multi-threaded and asynchronous code and enabled the creation of deterministic, simple and robust unit tests. He will also point out the pitfalls to avoid.

Hope to see you there!

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