New Pluralsight course: C++ Unit Testing Fundamentals Using Catch

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Last week my very first Pluralsight course went live!
My course on unit testing in C++ using CATCH is ready for your viewing pleasure. It’s about a topic I’m passionate about - how to write good unit tests, I’ve used Catch because I found that it helps writing good tests while avoiding many of the pitfalls that unit test practitioners might stumble on.
It was cool seeing the result of several months (more if you count the audition) of work.
Writing unit tests is a big part of being a professional software developer. This course would teach you how to write readable and robust unit tests using Catch, a simple, yet powerful unit testing framework.

I like to thank the good people of Pluralsight for helping me create this course and for the excellent feedback and all their hard work.
If you have any feedback or suggestion please let me know.

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