Upcoming speaking engagements: Vancouver here I come!

At the beginning of December I’m going to speak at ConFoo Vancouver.
Vancouver 2016 | December 5-7, 2016
I spoke at ConFoo Montreal in the past and I look forward to speaking at the first ever ConFoo Vancouver.
I’ll be speaking on two of my favorite topics – unit testing and electronics (not at the same session).
5 Unit Testing Facts I Wish I’d Known 7 Years Ago – on Tuesday (6th) . A session I’ve created as a kind of retrospective of what worked, and especially what didn’t work when I attempted to start unit test my code. I wanted to provide a few tips for software developer starting down the unit testing path so that they won’t fail just like I did oh so many years ago.
Electronics 101 for Software Developers – on Wednesday (7th). A fun session for all developers who want to start building cool IoT/electronics projects. I plan to start from the basics of electricity and explain how to use sensors and read circuit diagrams – it would be fun, informative and useful for anyone who ever wanted to build his own robot army:
Before all that on Monday night (5/12) I’m going to speak at the Windows Platform Developer Group with Ariel Ben Horesh.
We’re going to do a two part meetup – I’ll talk about Visual Studio debugging tricks every .NET developer should know and Ariel is going to discuss how to build your company’s mobile development strategy in “Calling the Shots: Should I go Native or Cross Platform?
If you’re interested in learning how to quickly and effectively debug your code you should come – especially since you might receive an OzCode license.

So if you’re living in Vancouver or you’re just in town for ConFoo – come by and say hello.

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